Opisy Gadu-Gadu Obcojęzyczne


1..::Why I don`t stop love you??::...Beacuse you alwais in my dreams:&#
3,,Komms rette mich ich bin nich ich wen Dziune
4sie es thema roma eins! zwei! drei!fier!
5I`m going crazy over you=*
6I Will Wait For You... Always... <3 <3 I Love You :*:*:*
8Life Is Brutal, Full Of Zasadzkas And Sometimes HARD Kopen w Dupen:
9Its not bad to be owned if you want to be owned
10Celebrate the summer!!! I like this! | Cool party -Taboo:-)
11no matter how far we come i can`t wait to see tomorrow with you
12And if you die, I wanna die with you...because I love you!
13*sTorY Of My life.SeArchIng fOr tHe RigHt.But It KeEps AvoIdiNg Me...*
14-> aND StaRt BeGiNinG :P;]] ... *sHow*
15*SoRrOw iN My sOuL.cAuSe iT sEemS tHat WrOnG.reAlLy lOvEs My cOmPaNy *
16Cause your voice always helps me to not feel so alone
17And, I find myself tryna stay by the phone
18Suck my dick you stupid punk!
19What a shitty day...it could be worst :/
20Ich must siku -->
21Pani Konstanty nie umie uczyć a uczy...
22its only one rabbit, Fucking Drunken rabbit!!!!!!
23<<A la recherche du temps>> w poszukiwaniu straconego czas
24I`ve been looking for a friend...
25Is this how book ends?? nothing but good friends
26Don`t Judge me If You Don`t Know me
27All the girlies say Prettty fly for to white guy
28You Think??
29you madafucker fuck you old rabbit
30Das Leben ohne dich ist scheisse ;(;(
31Open up your heart, what do you feel is real... :-)
32ZZzzZZzzZZzzZZ...$pie i $nie bo bardzo Koffam Cię :-)
33If ju łont tu bi a seksi ju mast drink a lot of pepsi
34-----> Drink fall, fall stand up, stand up drink, I drink life <
35PK 4 life, PK 4 die, PK 4 ever... FUCK GRAVITATION!!!!!
36Mess with the best, die like the rest
37"Per aspera ad astra"- przez ciernie do gwiazd*
38Come into my dreams....
39=D || Football is my pasion and life... || =D <gool>
40ooooo fak ....tyczmie
41The internet is really really great!For p0rn
43jeszcze tego lata......polska bedzie mistrzem swiata!!!
44jeszcze tego lata......polska bedzie mistrzem swiata!!!
45Hello Baby what the time ??
46The God Thad Failed !!
47"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death"
48"I walk a lonely road"
49...Va`esse deireádh aep eigean...
50Love you with all my heart forever
51LiFe Is To ShOrT To DatE UglY GirlS :P
52Non omnemvidet molitor aquam molam praeterfluenten...
53Mille habex mors portas quibus exeat vita.Unam inveniam...
54you think i`d leave your side baby...
56I`m w8ing 4 you:*
57ich bin nicht ich denn ich liebe dich <3
58..I love you... baby... na na na... I love you... baby... :-)
59Seulement ton regard, rien plus! (Tylko Twoje spojrzenie, nic więc
60Je t`attends... (Czekam na Ciebie...)
61~ * ~ * ~ Tant que luttes, tu es vainqueur! ~ * ~ * ~
62I miss you, I need you, L love you, I want you.... :*:*:*
63honey...please don`t lie...:(
64so...Can we still be friend`s?? ;-)
65If bad dreams did not exist, the better dream was tasted worst.
66Je voudrais aller a la mer. Allons-nous!
67What is more painful ? Mental pain? or physical ?
68"amor vincit omnia"
69Life is to boring to be bored
70OnLy YoU iN mY hEaRt...[that means since always, for ever]:::....
71How do we prove that we exist?Mayby we don`t exist.
72Life is as dreaM. Good or bad, also it elapses fast.
74A silent mouth is sweet to hear B:*
75Tu no tengas celos... nunca quise a nadie como te amo a ti :*
76Hejka Oluś :*
77>>>I LoVe U 2 MuCh <<<
78Fuck it all and no regrets..
79I need tO set mY anger freE !!
80No more tears, no more sad...
81Happines is easy, czyżby???
82I need a gun to keep myself from harm:)
83Ilove somebody but he doesn`t love me
84never be afraid to say what you fell
85everything is hopeless
86``If you wanna be rich,you have to be a bitch!!:-))
87Something just isn`t right, I can feel it inside...
88It`s none of my business...
89...:::Evertyhink I do. I do it for you, because I just love you:::...
90***...***Nobody`s going love me better***...***
91Ich muss Durch den Monsun Hinter die Welt....
92Here on my cell I am just a castaway
93Leb die sekunde
94hIS UnDeR mY sKIn JuSt Give Me SomeThIn to Get Rid Of HiM =`(
95A walk to remember
96Ich bin ich. Du bis du. Ja jestem polak a ty niemiec (deutchland&#
97I`m here without you baby...... I think about you baby....:*
98rEmEmBeR 1 imPosTant tHinG POLISH PEOPLE RULE!!!
99Im PoLish*i GoT CLass*U meSS wiTh me,i kick Ur ass
100donT tRy 2 fiX me...im nOt brOken!!!!!!!!!
101FUCK the people whO PreTend tO B ur FrieNd!!!!!!!!
102i UseD 2 tHiNk DrinKinG was Bad 4 me...sO i Gave Up ThiNkiNg =] hihi
103B yourSeLf....ur fRienDs doNt wanT anY1 eLse !
104LEt mE shOw Ya How To FUCK!!!!!!!!! =D
105dO fAiRyTaLes cOme trUe ? =(
106Im jUsT tRyNa DANCE ...boyyy !!!!!!
107friEnDs R 4EvEr...bOyZ R wHatEver =P.....boYz suCk!!!!!!
108mY friEnDs R cRazy But I lUff tHeM!!!!!!=]
109kiSS me...Im poLish ! =]
110lets get DRUNK and dance ALL night !!! =D
111***brUneTTes mAne beTTer LoveRs ....*** yeAhhh iTs TruE !
112im SiCk oF gEttiNg HuRt!!!! FuCk oFF aLL hAtErS !!!!!!!!!!!!
113friEnds R Like cOnDoMs They`re ThErE 4 u WheN ThiNgs Get HARD ! =P
114*Ur eVerYthiNg My hEarT deSiReS* <33
115wiShiNg i Was There wiTh yA =(
116*sEcreTLu ur da oNlY thiNg ThAt LifTs Me Up & MakEs mE smiLe *
117i wAnT u 2 waNt mE =] =*
118i waNNa B dA oNly HanD U NeeD 2 hoLd on 2 !!! I lUFF yA baBy!
119nOw Can u BrEaK mY fUcKiNg hEaRt & tELL me U stiLL lOve mE? =(
120cLubbiNg iZ lUff so Lets On soMe ParTy !!!!!!
121tHinK twiCe aBouT thiNgs THat U waNNa say
122nEvEr sAy IlUff Ya iF u rEaLLy doN`t CaRe!!!!
123rest in piss or piss in rest
124That`s no pretending- girl you now my love is never ending
125Soldier`s never die they just go to hell to regroup.
126Das Leben ändert sich von Tag zu Tag
127Für dich schiebe ich die Wolken weiter
128Du bist wie die ewigkeit, bist die quelle meiner kraft
129FeeLs GooD To Be BaD :D:D :*:* Ojjjj tak..... :P
130I like you,I don`t love you but I like you!!!
131Please don`t call me horid names.Can`t you see? I`m different-but cool
132,,...:::<I am What I am>:::...,,
133nOw im sTandiNg herE wiThoUt ya bEjbiiiii =(
134im soRRy i cAnt be pErfeCT !! =(((
135FuCk wHat U thiNk!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reALLy donT caRe!!!!
136"I`m in love with You and It`s crushing my heart!! :|
137Baby I`m still too lost in You :(((
139Per aspera ad astra :D :D
140Little rocket in the sky, tell me why...parara...
141I would make love with you all night, all night long
142Du bist fur mich ganze Welt, Sonne, Wasser, Wind und Sommer....
143Never free,never me,so dub thee unforgiven...
144<`,= I choose to puff a blunt and drink a beer with my homies =,`&g
145<`,= There are no words that can express how I feel =,`>
146...Ich bin nich` ich wenn du nich` bei mir bist ...-
147Forget about the reasons why you cant in life...
148... Hey Fool You Better Fuck Off ...
149... Just Give Me The Gun And I Will Make Order In My Street ...
150... Fuck All This Motherfuckers Which Don`t Fight ...
151... My Shitlist Is Long Homey, What I Gonna Do ...
152... My Life Is Fucking Crazy Full Of Dangerous And Traps ...
153...Thanks Dude. Thanks For Nothing...
154...Hey dude you better watch out, my homies will smash you out...
155WhEn I NeEd YoU I jUsT ClOsE mY EyEs aNd I`m WiTh YoU
156If my tears fell on you, one by one would you see them glisten?
157Judge me if you want, but keep the verdict to yourself...
158HaPpY eNd
159> You don`t really know what you got `til it`s gone...!! ;( <
160"DoN`T GiVe uP WhAt yOu rEaLlY WaNt, FoR SoMeThInG YoU WaNt rIgHt
161Je t`aime...:*:*:*
162Everything I do, I do for you!
163there is none like you...no one else can touch my hesrt like you do:*
164Do u really want ...... me?????????
165I can`t stand u! I hete u!!!!!!!!!
166I`m full of energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
167I have broken my leg:(
168"pump it"
169"how many beople want to be loved?"
170I`m the polish boyfriend ;D
171Life is brutal and full of zasadzkas and sometimes Kopas Dupas!
172H.w.D.P.-Hugo WRaCA dO PolsAtUuuU
173.......::::::<JUST CRAZY EMINEM :D>::::::........
174Why does it always rain on me??
175DoN`t LiE To Me.......CaLl Me BaBY....:*:*
176do not disturb. blood alcohol experiment in progress...;D
177..::***"When I look in your eyes, I don`t see mine...";( *
178..::***"When I look in your eyes, I don`t see mine...";( *
179..::***"When I look in your eyes, I don`t see mine...";( *
180One love, one blood, one life, U got to do what U should......;(
182Come To My World
183Down, down, down, you`ve become the enemy, enemy!!
184Every body should be happy..:) but nobody shouldn`t cry..:P
185Who gonna show us how we should live,If it isn`t God so I don`t know:&
186SoMeTiMeS tHe 1 tHiNg U`re loOKinG fOr WilL bE ThE 1 thINg u cAn`T SeE
187Here I am, will you send me an angel.......
188Summer lovin ... o yeah !! it`s like that :))
190Szedł gość koło koparki i dał się nabrać...
191Never say Never
192Just be good to me :)
193ohne dich alles ist doof :(
194My scars remind me that the past is real!
195Das Schönste, was wir erleben können, ist das Geheimnisvolle
196Phantasie ist wichtiger als Wissen, denn Wissen ist begrenzt
197The first requisite for immortality is death
198Don`t trust the heart, it wants your blood
199Courage is to resist fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear
200Do not wait for the last judgment. It takes place every day